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तीन वर्षो के लिए खूँटी जिलान्तर्गत बालू घाट नीलामी से सम्बंधित नीलामी की प्रक्रिया एवं शर्ते||जिला गजट में विज्ञापित समाप्त खनन पटटो की सूची||Drought, कृषि इनपुट अनुदान राशि distribution among the SDRF(Rajya Apda Mochan Nidhi) effected Farmer's for the financial year 2015-16, khunti dist.|| Application are invited for Admission for various courses in Govt. women's ITI college, khunti for session 2016-17 & 2016-18||Corrigendum to the Expression of interest for MukhyaMantri Dal Bhat Yojna for financial year 2016-17||Notification for Land acquisitions for the Construction of 94 Battaliyan C.R.P.F Mukhyalaya, Jiyarappa Mauja,Khunti block||SIA Adhayan for the construction of 94 Battaliyan C.R.P.F Mukhyalaya, Mauja Jiyarappa, Block Khunti||Expression of interest for MUKHYA MANTRI DAL BHAT YOJNA for financial year 2016-17, khunti district||Notification Regarding conduction of meeting for widening of Hatia-Lodhma-khunti road, Lodhma and Tigga mauja, Karra block ||Notice Regarding conduction of meeting for RWD in constructed road from Tajna river to Hesahatu dokad PMGSY road via Bartoli birdih pidihatu ulihatu, chikor mauja, khunti block||Notice Regarding PIA selection on 25.06.2016 on the basis of Evaluation for the execution of VKY scheme in financial year 2015-16||Notice Regarding samajik samaghat nirdharan adhayan for the construction of 94 bataliyan C.R.P.F Mukhyalya,jiyarappa village, khunti anchal||Notice regarding conduction of meeting for the widening of Hatia-Lodhma-Khunti road, koshambi mauja, karra block, khunti||Notice regarding conduction of meeting for the widening of Hatia-Lodhma-Khunti road, karra mauja, karra block, khunti||Expression of interest for financial year 2015-16 from Government/Non-Government organisation for VKy scheme for ITDA khunti||Notice regarding conduction of meeting for the construction of Bride over Koyel riverin Rania-Sode Road, Rania Block (khunti)||Land acquisition for Khunti district under diffrent program||Notice for Aneegara and Pokla mauja Land Hand Over to the construction of Indian Oil Terminal||Notice for Gramsabha on 21/04/2016 at 12:00 pm at Samudaik Bhawan Keyondtoli ||खूंटी सर्किट हाउस ||LRMS Draft in hindi || IOCL Khunti सामाजिक समाघात निर्धारण अध्ययन की अधिसूचना जिला खूंटी || Employee Address||| HAMARA HATH SHIKSHA KE SATH|| पोकला ग्राम के रैयतो को धारा २१ नोटिस || Expression of Intrest for Prototype scheme for ITDA Khunti|| Gramsabha for Mauja Ubka|| IOCL टर्मिनल निर्माण हेतु मौजा अनिगड़ा का अधिघोषणा का प्रकाशन|| IOCL टर्मिनल निर्माण हेतु मौजा अनिगड़ा एवं पोकला में LARR Act 2013 के आलोक में प्रतिवेदन का प्रकाशन

Welcome to Khunti District Website

The newly created Khunti district, earlier a sub-division of Ranchi district was carved out of Ranchi district and created on 12.9.07 as the 23 rd district of Jharkhand. Part of the South Chotanapur Commissionary, Khunti is a very new district. Established on 12th September 2007, Khunti is a district with 6 Blocks, and is 40 Km. South of the state capital, Ranchi.

Popular Places


Panchgagh Fall ( Water fall )

One of the most unique waterfalls of Khunti, Panchghagh has 5 streams to it. The Banai River branches itself out in five different streams, generating ubiquitous singing rivulets through the cluster of rocks.Natural beauty around the waterfall makes it more beautiful and peacefu


Anganbari –Shiv Temple

It is famous religious center of the district known for its Shiv Temple. Every year during Sawan season local festival is celebrate for one month long.On Maha-shivratri Day, temple is visited by many disciples from different regions of Jharkhand. It is located on Khunti-Torpa road 9 kms from the district headquater.


Dombari Buru

It is picturesque hills of Dombari Buru, which had turned red with blood when BirsaMunda led his legendary ulgulan(rebellion) against the British more than a century ago, will now get a sterling facelift, courtesy.Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).It is located 50km from the state capital, Dombari Buru rises determinedly above Sail Rakab village close to Ulihatu — the birthplace of the tribal icon